I’m often asked for my recommendations on things from home yoga practice, to clothes, shoes, and my skin & haircare routines! Below, I’ve gathered a few things that I use, which I can offer you a discount for; if you use one of these codes, I may get a small credit to my account or discount on my next order, at no extra cost to you.

Home Yoga Practice

  • Movement for Modern Life shares a range of practices from some of the most dedicated teachers, who have been handpicked to share their practices. If you use my code to sign up, you’ll get a 50% discount on your first subscription
  • Ekotex Yoga sella range of mats, props, and other accessories; if you use the code ‘SamDyllon’ when you check out, you’ll receive a 10% discount on your order


  • One of my favourite “yoga brands” to wear is Alo Yoga, if you’re a new customer you can get 10% off your first order, simply click here and shop as normal
  • For 15% off your first order with Bamboo Clothing, click this link & shop as normal, or enter “Sam Dyllon” when you checkout

Skincare & Supplements

  • Within the first three weeks of finding Fushi, I placed four orders; they have a wide range of products and – in my unprofessional opinion – each one is simply amazing in terms of quality and value for money. I’m always happy to talk about Fushi, and what products of theirs I use, but I’d also recommend browsing their website where you can look at products by category or concern. If you use my link, and shop as normal you’ll get £5 off your first order of £35 or more
  • Siskyn make wonderful skin & body oils, in their own words they “produce highly effective, 100% natural, luxury, vegan skincare using only the finest botanical oils and nothing else. No synthetics, no derivatives, no fillers, no artificial preservatives or fragrances, no silicones, no parabens, no dyes, no petrochemicals like mineral oil, no added preservatives. Nothing. Not even water. Just pure, natural oils. For 15% off your first order, click here.


  • We all love a bargain, and if you’ve not joined Honey yet, you might be missing out! Every time you check out when using a browser with the Honey extension enabled, Honey will scan all available discount codes for you, and apply one that actually works in moments, rather than spending time Googling & trying all the codes that pop up manually; you can also get rewards in the form of gift cards! Sign up to Honey here
  • The Vegan Kind Supermarket stocks almost everything a vegan could ever want, and some things you may not have realise you need yet! From skincare to snacks, and cupboard staples to cleaning supplies, take a look and see what you can find; and use code “TVKSamDyllon” when you check out for a whopping 15% discount
  • If you live in the UK and Brexit is ruining all your best shopping plans, you probably need a package forwarding service. With address options in several countries, I use Tiptrans, and with this link you can receive $5 credit with your first order


  • For safety, I like to keep lots of my brain written down; I started using the notes app in my phone, but after adding too many thoughts and too little organisation I started using MilaNote instead and now there are boards & cards in my brain (which I carry around on my phone, and it syncs between all my devices), and if I get stuck there are templates to help with a wide range of tasks & ideas, whether you’re a creative or you just want to be more organised
  • If you’re like me, your computer is your lifeline – as well as a physical on-site backup, I also use Backblaze to ensure I’ve got a safe copy of everything on my computer away from my property – it only costs ~US$6/month for one computer, and if you use this link you get your first month free


  • MyWorld is an app that rewards you with cash for your eco-friendly actions, so if you’re passionate about looking after our planet check your App Store and when you sign up for an account use code ‘TENCZZJ5S6W’ to let them know I sent you and receive a cash (£) credit as well as Karma Coins, which can be used to save trees or saved and converted into credit