Due to Covid-19, I’m not teaching in person for the foreseeable future. While I add the finishing touches to my online offerings for group classes, I am available to teach one-to-one online.

Please note that when they become available, all in person classes will follow pandemic legislation & guidelines as appropriate, and as such there may be times when spaces in group classes are limited

Whether it’s your first time on the mat, or you want to add more purposeful movement or mindfulness into your life, I’m sure to have an offering that will benefit you.

Note that all lessons must be booked in advance; in the first instance please contact me to book your yoga, breathwork, mindfulness, or meditation lessons, as well as for large group or corporate bookings, and with any queries you may have


I offer private yoga lessons in the Frog Lotus Yoga style either in my private home studio or in your practice space, as well as online. Unless otherwise discussed, each class will last approximately 75 minutes; and can be booked as a one-off or scheduled as regularly as you desire.

  • 1:1 vinyasa flow – this is an active practice that links one asana (pose) to the next using the breath. It can be personalised depending on your needs, fitness level, and desired long-term outcomes; you can come to my studio, or I can come to your home or other practice space – either way I have all the tools & props you’ll need for your practice
  • 1:1 restorative – during this lesson we will use props (blankets, bolsters, etc) extensively to support your body and eliminate unnecessary straining, allowing you to relax fully into each asana. This is the perfect antidote to your busy, stressful life – 75 minutes just for you to totally relax & unwind, all the while still working with your body & breath
  • Online 1:1 yoga – perhaps you’d like to take yoga classes with me, but travel is impractical, or you want to schedule a lesson at a time that fits into your busy schedule? An online lesson is perfect for you! All you need is a well-lit room, something to video call from, and a yoga mat (props are a bonus but not necessary). You’ll get the same one-to-one attention, the only difference is I won’t be physically there with you

[Investment: £35]


Although we focus on breathing during a yoga practice, we can also practice breath work as a standalone technique. Proper breathing I a cornerstone to our wellbeing, so while it my feel strange, at first, to alter what we feel is our natural breath pattern, through practice we can positively impact both our physical and mental wellbeing; we can learn to manipulate our breath to bring about desired benefits in the moment – be that clarity & calmness in a stressful situation, or to cool down on a hot summers day – as well as more permanent and long-term improvements to our respiratory rate – meaning we take fewer breaths of greater volume.

Furthermore, when we learn to control our breath, we can begin to control our responses and reflexes – this translates into our reactions to everyday life, our emotional responses, and in the way we reply to all the things that happen in our life.

[Investment: varies based on requirements]


Mindfulness is particularly popular at the moment, but it’s so much more than just a buzzword; it can also be a difficult practice to begin alone, or without the right support – as it’s more than simply “thinking positively” or having your head in the clouds.

Mindfulness is the state of being aware of your feelings and accepting what you experience, while not judging or holding on to them. Mindfulness can, but doesn’t have to, include meditation; and is something that we can practice throughout our day without having to change who we are, or buy any special tools or clothing.

Together, we will discuss and apply various mindful exercises, exploring their effects & use

[Investment: varies based on requirements]

Guided Meditation

Meditation is a wonderful practice, which can either complement mindfulness, yoga, and other practices, or stand completely alone from them. Whether you’ve never meditated before, or would like to make a commitment to meditate more regularly, we will discuss your preferences and devise a program that works for you.

[Investment: varies based on requirements]

Corporate and larger group bookings

If you’re interested in offering regular yoga lessons or one-off or a series of well-being workshops to your staff or other group (e.g. Women’s Institute, Rotary Club, Masonic Lodge, etc), contact me to discuss your requirements

[Investment: varies based on requirements]


If you feel that nothing in the above is quite right for you, please contact me so we can work out a personalised plan for your specific goals, desires, and needs – whether that’s an injury to plan your practice around, a specific lesson length that works best for you, a desire to work towards your fullest expression of an asana, or something else? Click here and we’ll work out a bespoke offering that works just for you

[Investment: varies based on requirements]