Working With Me

Thank you for your interest in working with me, I genuinely appreciate every offer that I receive, but I have to admit I’m very choosy about those I accept, for the reasons outlined below.

To begin, I recognise that any collaboration between individuals, groups, and businesses shows an alignment or agreement of beliefs, morals, and worldview; if I feel that we aren’t in alignment on one or more of these points, I will politely decline to work with you.


I will always carefully consider the number of brands I work with, as well as the other products and/or services offered by those brands.


All products & services that I choose to review will be relevant to myself and my audience; I will never promote items solely for the purpose of monetary or other gain for myself.


I’m happy to decline brands that would choose to have a quantity of ambassadors, rather than looking for specific qualities in their ambassadors.

I do not believe that consumerism, fast fashion, and/or excessive consumption of goods are things anyone should be promoting, nor are they in the benefit of ourselves as individuals, businesses, or our planet.

Price point

As I will only review products & services which are of relevance and high quality, I understand that this means there may be some “push-back” from my audience about cost; my personal opinion is that I would rather pay a little more for something that will last, than repeatedly buy cheaper items.

I understand that not everyone feels this way, and while I’m happy to discuss various aspects of this topic, I do not intend to debate on it.

About my review

My review will always, unquestionably be in my own words and related to my personal experience with the product or service only. I’m happy to include any relevant information, brand catchphrases, or taglines, but will never have the content of my review given to or written for me.

If I find that that a product or service does not meet my expected standards, I may choose not to review it, and will not be held liable for returning the item or paying for the service.