Yoga Nidra

At the moment, I’m currently leading yoga nidrā on request as a one-to-one session; oftentimes practitioners can feel somewhat lethargic after their practice so my preference is to lead the practice in your home or via Zoom so that you can stay rested when the practice is over; in time I hope to offer nidrā to groups, and combine it with some tea & snacks afterwards to allow everyone to time to “come around” before returning home both rested and safely.

Yoga nidrā sessions typically last around 60 minutes.

To book your nidrā practice, you can access this Momence board, or use the calendar below.

If you’d like to buy a one month four-session pack for yourself (meaning you pay for less than 3.5 sessions) please click here; if you’d like to gift this pack to someone you care about, then this is the link you want.

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