Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation Classes in West Cumbria and Online

A selfie of Sam, taken in her studio. She has mid-length pink wavy hair with roots showing, is wearing a teal-coloured sleeveless top, three chains, and is looking into the camera

Hello and welcome! I’m Sam and I teach yoga, mindfulness, & meditation to help people feel more at ease in themselves; I know it doesn’t & can’t fix everything, but I think it’s certainly worth trying to see if it can have a positive effect.

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Whether you’re looking for new techniques to help you increase your happiness & health, to dedicate some time for yourself in your busy life for practices you already know help you, or to help increase employee wellbeing, I’m excited that you’ve chosen to make this investment in increased peace of mind, and I’m looking forward to supporting your pursuit of holistic contentment.

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Sam is standing in front of a plain, light coloured wall; she has mid-length bright pink tousled hair, is wearing a dark coloured sleeveless top that knots above her midriff and is looking into the camera

About Sam

A statue of Shiva, seated with his trident, drum, mala beads, the goddess and moon in his flowing locks, one hand raised, and a serpent around his neck


A woman in a black outfit sits in profile on the bank of a river; her eyes are closed and her hands are held in mudras while her grey hair flows around her shoulders

Mindfulness & Meditation

A woman with an afro, large hoop earrings, and wearing a vest top closes her eyes as she tilts her face towards the sky

Breath work

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Corporate wellbeing

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