Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation Classes in West Cumbria and Online

A selfie of Sam, taken in her studio. She has mid-length pink wavy hair with roots showing, is wearing a teal-coloured sleeveless top, three chains, and is looking into the camera

Hello and welcome! I’m Sam and I teach yoga, mindfulness, & meditation to help people feel more at ease in themselves; I know it doesn’t & can’t fix everything, but I think it’s certainly worth trying to see if it can have a positive effect for you.

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Whether you’re looking for new techniques to help you increase your happiness & health, to dedicate some time for yourself in your busy life for practices you already know help you, or to help increase employee wellbeing, I’m excited that you’ve chosen to make this investment in increased peace of mind, and I’m looking forward to supporting your pursuit of holistic contentment.

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It’s safe to say I love yoga nidrā! It was so relaxing, I felt really calm on the journey you were taking me on, and I trusted your words & instructions – it was like a conscious sleep. I’m looking forward to getting to do it again.

Anita W

Sam’s yoga nidrā session was incredible. It allowed me to let go of so much tension I didn’t even realise I was holding in my body. I highly recommend this affordable and transformative service to anyone! It’s the self-care everyone doesn’t know they need. Thank you for the wonderful session, Sam!

Emily W

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